How to Send ebook to Kindle via Email Attachment

As a new user, you may be wondering what “Send-to-Kindle” means. How can I email an eBook to my Kindle?

“Send-to-Kindle” refers to Amazon’s “Kindle personal document service.” You can only transmit eBooks in compatible formats to Kindle through email attachment if you have an Amazon account. Amazon will immediately convert it to Kindle format (i.e., from epub to azw3) and sync it to your registered Kindle device.



I. File formats supported to send
II. Send-to-Kindle steps
1. Register an email address
2. Register an Amazon account
3. Register your Kindle
4. Get your Send-to-Kindle email address
5. Add your approved e-mail address
6. Send eBook or doc to your Kindle
III. Manage your personal documents on Cloud
1. Manage from “Your content”
2. Manage from “Your Cloud Drive”

Unlike directly copying files through USB, the Send-to-Kindle Service allows you to download the eBook from Amazon at any time using any Kindle device (including the Kindle app) and only one Amazon account. This method can help you avoid eBook loss in an emergency, such as a Kindle reset.

I. File format supported to send

Here are all file formats supported by Send-to-Kindle Service:

  • EPUB format (.epub) – recommend
  • Kindle format (.mobi, .azw)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • HTML (.html, .htm)
  • RTF (.rtf)
  • Text (.txt)
  • JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg)
  • GIF (.gif)
  • PNG (.png)
  • BMP (.bmp)

These file formats can also be combined into a single zip file for sending. Amazon will unzip them, convert them to Kindle format, and save them in your Kindle library. You can use programs like Calibre to convert formats not supported by Kindle, such as mobi.

II. Send-to-Kindle steps

1. Register an email address (ignore this step if already having an email address)

You can use any email service. e.g. Gmail, Yahoo mail.

2. Register an Amazon account (ignore this step if already having an Amazon account)

Register an Amazon account for your Kindle. Register now

3. Register your Kindle

Tap the Menu button (3 Spots icon) in the upper right corner, then Settings from the pop-up menu. Connect your Wi-Fi, click Registration, and Register your Device by logging in using the Amazon account you created in step 2 or the account you already have.

4. Get your Send-to-Kindle email address

Sign in to Amazon and hover the cursor over the Menu “Account & Lists” in the upper right corner, then click Contents & Devices, and then click the [Devices] tab. Select your Kindle device from the device list. On the detail page, you will see information such as your user name, device type, and serial number.

Locate the “Email” column; there will be email addresses such as “” (information before @ can be defined in person). This is the Send-to-Kindle email address. Please keep this address in mind (or add it to your contact list). This email address is used to send all eBooks and documents to the Amazon Cloud.

5. Add a approved e-mail address

Amazon only accepts eBooks from approved senders to avoid spam emails. Thus, go to the [Settings] page, locate “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” at the bottom of the page, and add the email address you used in step 1 (or another email account) to this list.

6. Send eBook or doc to your Kindle

  1. Log in to the email account you added to the approved e-mail list and create a new email.
  2. Use the email address “” as the email receipt after finding it in Step 4. You can put anything (or nothing) in the email subject and body (If the attachment is in TXT or PDF format, please add “Convert” in the email subject to have it automatically converted to Kindle format).
  3. Attach the document you wish to send to Kindle and then click Send.
  4. After a few moments, you should locate this ebook or document in your Kindle device (If your attachment is not supported by Send-to-Kindle Service, Amazon will send you an email with the subject “A problem with your document(s) sent to”).

* Note 1: Please use standard email attachments rather than special attachments such as Google Drive from Gmail. Also, Amazon has a file size limit of 50MB; ensure that your files are no larger than this size.

* Note 2: Please ensure that your Kindle is linked to Wi-Fi before sending the document. If there is no Wi-Fi available at this moment, Amazon will attempt to deliver the document within the next 60 days. If your Wi-Fi is working properly but your Kindle is still not receive data, go to [Content] on Amazon and check the document status to see if it is on the way or has been sent. If the file is on the Cloud, you can try reconnecting the Kindle Wi-Fi or restarting the Kindle, both of which usually work.

* Note 3: If your eBook is always in the “downloading” state but never completed, please try restarting your Kindle or your network router. If this does not help, please contact Amazon Customer Service.

III. Manage your personal documents on Cloud

If you want to permanently erase the file you sent.

Sign in to Amazon, then select “Manage your content & Devices” and [Content] to delete. You can also delete these books using the patch’s select option.

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